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Low Back Pain Relief – Exercises You Can Do At Home

Low back pain relief is foremost on the mind of those who suffer from chronic back pain. A lot of people are suffering from pain in the back; although in most cases, the pain is completely manageable. One of the major causes of the pain are inflexible and weak core back muscles that include the lower back muscles, the abs, the hamstrings, and the butt muscles. If these muscles are kept supple and strong, you will be taking away one of the chief causes of lower back pain.

The problem is easy to correct with proper exercise. You can combine it with a complete body workout that will also condition the rest of your body. If the pain is being aggravated by excess weight, you need to shed off those extra pounds. But before performing any exercise, be sure that you have your lower back examined by a doctor.

One of the exercises you can perform for low back pain relief is the stability ball hyperextension. This is done by lying down on the stability ball with your stomach. Your upper thigh should cover the top part of the ball. You should then put your feet flat against the wall with the toes touching the floor. Put your fingers on your temples and point the elbows on the sides. You will then have to lean forward as far as you can without moving the feet. Pull the torso as far up as you can and feel the tightening in your lower back at the end of each repetition. This exercise should be done from five to twenty times.

You can also do the toe touch. With your feet together, bend over while slowly ensuring that your knees remain straight. The arms should be fully relaxed and hanging loose, with the fingers pointed towards the toes. Do not force the stretch; rather, let gravity work on your form and hold the position for around thirty seconds. This exercise is one of the low back pain relief exercises that you should do on a regular basis.

There are a lot more exercises that can help relieve any back issues that you are having. You need to work through a variety of them to see which works best on the pain you are having. Make sure before starting any exercise that you get the approval of your doctor, as you do not want to injure yourself any further.

You do not have to continue to suffer in pain there are lots of low back pain relief options available to you. Find out what works best for you, and get back into your pain-free life.

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