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Low Back Pain Stretches – “Fix” Your Back Today

The lower back muscles, erector spinea, the two cords responsible for good posture… and most low back pain.  Stretching these muscles are the key to stopping most low back pain.  Try this out.  And I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

If you’ve experiencing low back pain already, then take it easy.  Use some anti-inflammatory pills, like ibuprofen, and use hot and cold packs.  But once you are feeling better you may want to try this out.  Don’t over-do it, but start slowly and build up the tension as your low back pain leaves and your low back strengthens.  I know this has helped me strengthen my back and has kept me from experiencing lower back strain.

Once you do are doing this stretching exercise, hold it for 30 seconds to get the most benefit from this isometric stretch.  Fewer seconds is alright if you fatigue.  But make sure you keep keep breathing.  If you are prone to hypertension or high blood pressure, consult your doctor.

Now for the exercise:  The Superman.

Lie on your stomach with your arms outstretched in front of you and legs behind (like Superman when he’s flying).  Now slowly lift your legs and arms off the floor using your back muscles.  Keep your legs and arms straight.  But don’t do more than your back can take, if you are experiencing back pain currently.  But progress slowly.  Keep your legs and arms straight, yet off thew floor.  Take this in small steps, but after your back is better, tense it fully, holding for the full 30 seconds if you can.  And you will, in effect,  “Ache-proof” your lower back.

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Christopher Genz is an avid practitioner and promoter of isometric exercises as low back pain stretches.

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