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Low Back Pain Symptoms – Dull Aches to Shooting Pain and Beyond

Low back pain symptoms are different for every person, but generally include at least a few of the same issues. Depending on the type of pain you are experiencing, the doctor will be better able to diagnose your condition and get you the treatment that you need. Fortunately, the symptoms of your pain will be key indicators as to which type of treatment is best and which pain you are suffering from. Considering that most of the world suffers from low back pain symptoms at some point in their lives, it’s certainly not a matter of crisis when you become afflicted with these symptoms. Just take the time to learn what they are, what they mean, and when you need to seek treatment for them.

Low back pain symptoms can be as simple as dull or sharp pain in your lower back, or as complicated as numbness, leg pain, and even pain in the groin area or buttocks. Trying to figure out where the pain is coming from and why it is happening can help you to determine when to see the doctor and which courses of treatment might be best for your situation. Sometimes, if you simply injured the back while doing an activity, simple rest and stretching of the muscles will take care of the problem. Other times, you might need physical therapy, pain medication, or testing done to determine that the damage isn’t more serious than a pulled muscle or strained spinal column.

Take the time to thoroughly recognize and report all of your low back pain symptoms so that you can get the proper diagnosis for your situation the first time. Don’t minimize anything or think that something is unrelated. If you are feeling anything less than ordinary, you need to make note of it because it could be related. For example, low back pain that is localized to one side or the other, along with painful urination, blood in the urine, fever, or other similar symptoms could be a result of kidney stones or other kidney problems, which means that you need to seek medical help immediately. Conversely, if you experience low back pain that is dull and spans the width of your back after doing a certain activity, the chances are good that you pulled a muscle, and don’t actually need to seek any serious medical treatment.

When you have low back pain symptoms that seem like something more serious, such as chronic pain, severe pain, numbness, or other issues that are worse than just a backache, you need to get to the doctor as quickly as you can. That way, they can diagnose and treat you properly, without having to worry about continuing problems or living with back pain for the rest of your life because serious damage was done. While you can learn about how to self-diagnose and even manage minor back pain online or through other resources, nothing will ever replace the qualified diagnosis and care of a doctor when you have serious issues. Make sure that you take your back pain seriously and seek medical help when you need it, or even if you’re not sure whether you need it or not.

Low back pain symptoms are sometimes just bothersome, such as dull aches or tenderness, but can be severe in some cases. That’s why you need to be able to target the pain, learn about the symptoms that you’re experiencing, and know when you need to see a doctor and when you can just wait it out to see if it goes away. In some cases, symptoms can even seem like they’re related to low back pain but be the root of a different problem, such as when you have kidney problems or shingles, which is common in older adults. Make sure that you are aware of where the acute pain is, what symptoms accompany it, and how severe it is. You never want to assume that it’s just a sore muscle when the pain is too much to bear, because this could lead to prolonged injury, permanent damage, or even severe illness because you didn’t recognize that it wasn’t actually back pain at all. Keep these things in mind when checking out your symptoms and you’ll be better prepared.

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