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Lower back muscles

Pain on the lower back can be caused by a number of factors. It could be a muscle strain, a ligament sprain, a “slipped disk” or joint problems. Lower back pain is commonly experienced after exerting more effort than your back is used to, such as lifting heavy furniture, bending over for extended periods when gardening, or twisting your back. Many people are under the impression that when you hurt your back, it is important that you lie in bed or restrict movement. Orthopedic experts say that doing so will only impede the healing process and recommend doing simple lower back pain stretches instead. These exercises help lessen the pain, and strengthen and re-align the spine.

The easiest lower back stretching exercise is the cat stretch, or the cat arch. It is performed by being on all fours (on hands and knees), then arching the back gently, one direction at a time. It is done with coordinated breathing – in, while the belly is expanded and the back is arching downward, and out, when the chin moves to the chest, and the back arches upward. It is simple, comforting and can be very relaxing.

Here are a few reminders when stretching your back. Your clothes must be comfortable and allow stretching. It is also especially important to warm-up before doing any stretches. Warm up could be as simple as walking or marching in place. Stretching should not cause pain – do not force yourself to stretch if you feel any resistance, as this may result in torn ligaments, or worse, displaced disks (slipped disk). When stretching, hold the stretched position in place for 20 seconds to allow the muscles to expand. Finally, revert to pre-stretched position slowly. Abrupt changes will only tear muscles, causing more pain.

These lower back pain stretches can be done anytime of the day when one feels strain on the lower back muscles. Regular stretching helps a person become more limber, less stiff, and lessens the possibility of back pain recurrences. Recent researches have also discovered that it is possible to grow one to two inch taller with regular back exercises!

I found the solution for my lower back pain and I was stunned at how easy (and fun) it turned out to be! In fact, I do this several times a day and I feel so much younger when I am finished. I tried other methods and all of the drugs, but who wants to be on medication for the rest of their life?

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