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Lower Back Pain: An Overview

Lower back pain is an extremely common problem affecting as many as 90% of people sometime or the other in their lives. Almost 50% of these people have suffered from it more than once in their lifetime. These statistics clearly reflect that this is by no means a rare phenomenon.


Lower back pain is very often a symptom of some other disorder. It could be caused due to some injury having occurred to a muscle or a spinal bone. Organ abnormalities especially problems in the chest, abdomen or kidney can also be probable causes. Other common causes could include bad posture and the condition of the bones and joints.


• A painful lower back is the main symptom of this disorder. This pain may be restricted to the lower area of the torso or it could extend and radiate through the leg.
• Numbness or sudden weakness in the legs is another symptom of this ailment. This happens if some nerve supplying blood to the legs has been compressed.
• Worsening of pain during long periods of inactivity.

Risks Factors

• People suffering from osteoporosis are more susceptible to bone deterioration causing pain in the lower back.
• A fall or any other such jarring accident can cause a minor breakage in the spine, which can cause excruciating pain.
• Malignant tissues present in the spine.
• Sudden lifting of heavy objects can lead to the jarring of your back causing classic symptoms of this condition.
• Sitting or standing in an uncomfortable posture for a long time.

Lower back pain might be an increasingly common ailment but it is still a highly discomfiting one. All care should be taken to avoid any activity that puts your back at risk.

Treatment Options

Self-treatment: This is generally recommended by most doctors. Sleeping with a pillow under your knees can help alleviate the pain. Regular exercising can be a boon to people suffering from chronic lower back ache. These help in keeping the muscles limber thereby there is a lesser chance of their having a spasm.
Medication: Pain killers and anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen are often prescribed to help reduce the pain and inflammation. Muscle relaxants are often given when muscle spasm is the cause for the pain.
Surgery: This is done very rarely and only in cases where there is a nerve being compressed which is causing the back ache. Surgeries are generally a success and can help in completely alleviating back ache.

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