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Lower Back Pain Relief – Discover the Causes of Lower Back Pain and Their Treatments

Do you need lower back pain relief? If you answered yes then you need to first discover what is causing your pain. This will help you and the doctor decide what treatment is needed. There are not only different types of pain, there are also different causes for that pain.

The 3 basic Types of Back Pain

– Referred lower back pain does not just affect the lower back area. It can affect other areas of the body. The causes for this vary from degenerating disc to damage to the muscles, ligaments, and or tendons.

– Axial back pain is totally located in the lower back and only affects that area. It has the same causes as referred lower back pain.

– Radicular, or you may know it as sciatica, is the third type of pain in the lower back. Pressure being applied to the nerves of the spine is the cause for this type of pain. This pain can easily go to your legs.

If you have any of the above types of pain you definitely need lower back pain relief.


1. Treatments for referred type pain are as follows:

– Medication (for 8 weeks usually)

– Physical therapy (8weeks also) makes the whole body stronger to help you with the pain.

– Giving rest to the back often can solve the problem but be sure to at least stretch daily.

– You can use cold and hot packs but the cold packs will take any inflammation out so use those first then you can apply the hot packs and relax the muscles.

2. The treatments for the axial type pain are:

– Rest

– Cold packs and hot packs can be used but it is advisable to use the cold packs first until the inflammation lessens before applying heat to relax the muscles.

– Exercises for the areas affected.

– Physical therapy can strengthen your back to help to take pressure away from the area of pain.

– Pain medication

– Topical rubs for the pain and these can be quite effective sometimes.

3. Now the treatment for sciatica or radicular pain is:

– Medication for about 8 weeks

– Physical therapy for about 2 months

– Extreme cases may require surgery but this is always kept for the last possible option and performed only when the patient’s health is good enough.

Most people will suffer some kind of axial pain off and on during their lifetime. A hard day of physical work can easily bring on this type of pain. The referred pain is brought on by more severe cases such as injuries. Radicular pain or sciatica can be brought on by a herniated disc among other causes and can create a lot of leg pain. With any of this pain you need to search out the correct lower back pain relief for your situation. Just remember effective treatments are available to help you. There is no need for you to get discouraged if one treatment does not work, try another until you find the one that does.

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