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Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises – Simple Exercises to Treat Lower Back Pain!

Lower back pain is an increasingly common problem and living with severe and chronic back pain is very hard. It seriously decreases a person’s quality of life and people, who suffer from a painful back can’t do the things, that most people can, like play with the kids. I believe everyone agrees that something has to be done about it. But what are the best lower back pain relief exercises? Some exercises are good for the back, while others create even more problems. It all seems very confusing.

The reason why so many people can’t find any relief from the pain, is not because they don’t try to get help, but they don’t get the right advice. Sometimes a person, without the right knowledge, can do more harm to the already painful back, then good. Are people suppose to do flexing exercises or strengthening exercises?

A really flexible back and a really strong back, is not necessarily pain-free. People really need to do lower back pain relief exercises, that increase the stamina of the back. Your back has to remain stable during daily activities and not break down. That is what is really needed. A strong back does not necessarily have the needed stamina. Also a flexible back can also cause problems, because it is unstable.

Lower back pain relief exercises – 2 simple exercises


This is mainly a warm-up exercise to loosen the spine. Start this exercise by getting down on your knees and hands. Hole them about shoulder width apart. Then try to arch your back upwards as high as you can and also let your head bend forward. You should have a rounded spine. After you have done that, then try to do the opposite. It is like you want to touch the floor with your belly button and also extend your neck, so that you are looking forward. Do this in a gentle rhythmical sequence for 8 times.

Curl up

This is a one of the best exercises for your abdominals and it puts very little pressure on your lower back and discs. Start this exercise by laying on your back on the floor, with one leg straight and the other bent, so the foot is on the floor. Then put your hands behind your lower back, so that your palms and facing down. Then put your tongue to the roof of your mouth and slowly raise your head and shoulders of the ground. The key is to lift your head and shoulders together. Hold for around 8 seconds and do this for 4 repetitions and then change your legs and repeat. The goal here is to slowly increase the number of repetitions to increase the stamina of your back.

These were just two examples of lower back pain relief exercises. But if you want to find permanent relief then you need to do more exercises on a regular bases.

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