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Lower back stretches

Ah, yes: the lower back. Seems to always be a source of agony for those of us in the working field, doesn’t it? Whether you’re performing physical labor like throwing boxes into a truck and making palettes or simply sitting at a desk on a computer all day, the old boy seems to catch up with us. Well, here’s at least one lower back stretch you can do at home that should provide a little relief. You certainly don’t want to have to leave that job before you’ve built up enough in your retirement fund to live comfortably for a while!

I’ll get to the stretch in just a second. But before I do, I want to remind you that I am certainly not a doctor; I’m just one of your fellow industry workers in this rat race. I know how it can be to wake up in the morning, having to bend over a little just to get to your coffee. So take care when performing this exercise, and remember to do it slowly. Fast, jerky movements can further the breakdown of your precious back.

Find a flat surface like the floor and lie down on your stomach. Prop your body up using your elbows, extending and stretching out your back. Slowly straighten out your arms, but stop before your elbows completely “lock”. This will extend your back even further. You should feel a slight stretch in your back around this time, and hold that position for ten to fifteen seconds.

Slowly return to your starting position, and repeat this exercise eight to ten times.

Do this three to five – or seven, if needed – times a week, and your back will thank you.

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