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Lower back stretches

Right Steps to avoid lower back pain.

Generally lower back stretches are said to be stretching exercises done for avoiding the threat of lower back pain. Lower back stretches are also advised to be done by the people who are actually suffering from the lower back pain. This advice is admissible only when it is done with the appropriate assistance of the health care provider or any physical therapist.

In fact great care should be taken while doing these stretches if we are suffering from back pain. One should be aware that the lower back stretches are rather painful and may also ultimately effect us with the further strain rather than giving any relief to our back.

The stretches should be always done only after the pre check up of our back position by the health care provider or any physical therapist. We should always keep in our mind that the lower back stretches should always be started slowly and steadily and should not bounce on it at once. These exercises are helpful to us to reduce the tension in the muscles of the back.

Warming up is the primary way for us to maintain our body before we start stretches for the lower back. It keeps the body ready in good posture along with the flexibility in the back muscles. The warming up helps the stretches in number of ways. The foremost reason is that it increases the blood circulation and removes out stiffness of the body muscles. On the contrary if we neglect the warm up it would be a great threat as it may cause back injuries due to the stiffness of the back bone.

The spine of the back is considered as one main structure of the back which basically regulates the whole back bone of our body. Stretches for the lower back usually work on the back spine of our body. These stretches mould the spine and makes it flexible enough to make it able bare all the strain on the back muscles.

The following are some of the common back exercises which should be rather done regularly for having a positive effect on the back i.e. providing the desired relief to our back. These stretches should be rather performed slowly and preferably should be done in a quiet room where there is no one to create any disturbance for us.

Performing the stretches slowly is very much a distinct thing than rushing through it fast or like doing it mechanically. It would provide us with benefits like relieving ourselves from the lower back pain and also avoid any future possibilities of the lower back problems. Walking, Bicycling, Swimming are most common and simple exercises which can be helpful for lower back stretches. The following are some of the low back stretches which should be done slowly and attentively.

  • The Simple Cat Stretch
  • Full-Body Mobilizer : These stretches are done in 2 parts

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