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Lower Back Stretches To Create A Flexible Spine And Reduce The Risk Of Injury

Performing lower back stretches is absolutely vital to a healthy spine. If your back is currently week, painful or has any physical restriction, stretching exercises solves these problems. So many people that suffer from lower back pain always reach for the pain killers? By performing some back stretches once a day, will lead to a better and more permanent pain free and healthy back.

We need to know that virtually all back pain begins with problems in the muscles. Of course, when more serious injury occurs from a fall or in a car accident, other structures of the back may be damaged. When we become aware of the critical role the muscles play in the health of our spine, we can begin to heal our pain and strengthen our back with some lower back stretches.

The spine, is the most important structure in the body. Almost every single movement or duty we perform relies on the spine, that is how central the spine is to over all good health. The vertebrae consists of 30 bones stacked one on top of the other like a column, this is collectively known as the spinal column. The main role of the spinal column is to protect and house the spinal cord. It also supports the weight of the head and keeps it in a level position while we are walking or standing.

There are thousands of muscles that come in all shapes and sizes in the back that move and support the spine. It’s important to note that all these muscles no matter how small, big ,thin, or how delicate they are, they are all connected and timed to move as a harmonious unit in order to protect the spinal column. This muscles are programmed to issue a warning sign in the form of pain when the health of the spine is in jeopardy. Keeping these muscles strong, flexible, and properly balanced is the key to solving back pain.

The two most important muscle groups that play a major part in relieving low back pain, are actually not located in the back, these are known as the hamstrings and the abdominal muscles.

The hamstring muscles – are located in the back of the thigh, the connect to the bottom of the pelvic bone, which in turn connects to the base of the spine. When these muscles become tight, they put pressure on the pelvic bone which pulls on the spine. This puts all the weight of the spin on the discs, which causes painful muscle spasms and throws the spine out of alignment.

The abdominal muscles – also plays an important roll in supporting the lower back. When these muscles become soft, flabby, or weak, they offer very little or no support for the spine. This leaves the spine at risk for injury or strain. When we perform some lower back stretches, and strengthening techniques on these muscles back problems often disappear.

Stretching For A Healthy Back

Stretching is one of the most powerful exercises we can do to relieve pain in the back. It develops a flexible spine and creates the conditions for the back to heal. When we stretch we release stored up tension in the muscles this in turn releases knots, tightness, spasms, and pain. Stretching helps to heal injuries, and also helps to prevent them. Lower back stretches is highly effective for any chronic or degenerative conditions of the spine, or for any injuries or traumas that have been sustained over a long period of time. By eliminating these problems in the bodies musculature and surrounding tissues with stretching exercises the body can heal and become well again.

When stretching a specific muscle group, other muscles are been strengthened as well. It’s for this reason that by concentrating on stretching alone it’s impossible not to get stronger and gain a more flexible and pain free back. There are hundreds of lower back stretches that can be performed to help the back, but by performing a few simple ones on a daily basis should lead to far fewer back problems than those who do not stretch at all

Paddy Reilly suffered low back pain for years, and found relieve through Natural Healing Processes

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