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For most young men the greatest pleasure is getting a hardcore erection, boys go to extreme ends just to get the pleasure out of an erection. The importance of erection is understated, it’s this erection and the experiences related to it that builds from the immature boy a sensible man of the future. Unfortunately one out of ten boys is unable to experience a proper erection, this is due to a disorder known as “Erectile dysfunction” better known as ED. So what is this ED and why does it occur? Erectile dysfunction is when a man is unable to maintain an erection for sexual intercourse even if he is aroused.

In the earlier days this problem was mostly experienced by men in their 50’s but recently a lot of men in their 30’s and some even in their 20’s have reported symptoms of this disorder. Research has stated that there are six reasons that cause erectile dysfunction in young men; obesity, smoking, heard disease, diabetes, use of drugs and excessive use of alcohol. When men smoke the tar and nicotine is inhaled from the cigarette smoke and stored in the lungs this leads to hardening to arteries. So when men experience an erection their heart has to work harder than usual to ensure blood supply to the body organs but the hard arteries makes it difficult as a result men cannot maintain their erection. Over consumption of alcohol affects the brain ability to comprehend things, sometimes under the effect of alcohol the brain misses the male libido stimulation and does not activate the neurons in the brain to send blood to the penis, as a result although men are turned on they don’t experience an erection.

Similarly all the other reasons of ED somehow impair the blood flow towards the penis as a result man cannot maintain their erection. The modern lifestyle of men is now taking away from them their greatest power and strength, but there is nothing to worry about; the first step towards solving a problem is identifying, now that the problem has been identified solutions will pop in too and fortunately they already have. The best and most effective way of curing erectile dysfunction in men is through supplements, these supplements include a natural substance known as saw palmetto, and this has been used from 2000 years to treat the male reproductive system.

The supplements that are used to cure the problem of erectile dysfunction also make use of nitric oxide; it is a chemical that increases the ability in men to have an erection. Nitric oxide can freely transport itself within the cells of the body. It is an intracellular messenger, a neurotransmitter and acts as a hormone as well. This nitric oxide is one of the most effective ways of having an erection and maintaining it and the best of consuming it is through supplements. If you are witnessing symptoms of erectile dysfunction then do not be embarrassed and get yourself a bottle or two of these supplements to make your personal and sex better. Most married men are too shy to admit that they have any such problem as result they lose their wives and marriage, make sure you take the supplements on time before you fall in the same category. If you a real man instead of being shy you would man up to your weakness and do something about it.

Do not panic the moment you found out that you are unable to get proper erection. There are many reasons for this condition. First you need to find out the exact reason for this condition then only you can go for appropriate treatment.

Erectile dysfunction in young men
Before choosing a method of treatment for impotence, one has to determine the reason for the impotence, because the method of treatment depends on the cause of the problem.
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