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Morning Stretches For Lower Right Back Pain

If you are an individual that has a case of lower right side back pain it would be wise to think about doing some types of morning stretching to get rid of the pain, and if this condition is caused by sciatic nerve disorder you should really think about it. You yourself can assess the damage and knowing which case is it if just a sore muscle or a case of sciatic disorder by the feelings you are feeling.

Because the feeling of a sore muscle is one of tightening and aches, meanwhile in the case of the sciatic nerve disorder feels a lot like pins and needles sticking you or something like and electrical shock. The case of lower back pain caused from over worked muscles can be eased by using a heated pad, while in the case of the sciatic disorder the heat will only make it worst, so make sure you know the cause of the heat before you plan to treat it. If you have a concentrated pain in the lower back that feels like aches and tightness then you can go ahead and apply heat to it. If the pain you are feeling is like an electric shock running down the buttocks and straight to the back of your leg then you are suffering from a case of sciatica.

This case occurs when the sciatic nerve gets pinched, which cases inflammation which leads to swelling and then puts a lot of pressure on the particular nerve which exits the spinal column, and that is what causes the type of pain you feel now and then.

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