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Omega 3 fatty acids

What you eat every day has a direct effect on your health. Since we have millions of choices when it comes to food, what we eat decides how healthy we are, or unhealthy. Of course this choice can make us live in pain if we don’t know what to choose.

There are some specific types of food which can help you in the long run in the struggle against arthritis pain relief. If you eat healthy food, your joints will be healthy. I will list three best foods which will help you get rid of that nasty back pain.


It has a very long history in combating arthritis pain. Every person has a small amount of glucosamine in the body. As we get older, the body produces less glucosamine and this leads to born spurs and cartilage hardening.

This natural compound made by our body uses a combination of glutamine and sugar making an amino acid. If your body is getting old, you have 2 choices in order to have more glucosamine in your body: you eat food rich in glucosamine or you take some supplement with this amino acid in it. It can be found in shrimps, lobsters and crabs.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 acids can be found in sea food, especially fishes (sardines, salmon) but as well in borage oil, walnuts and in flax seeds. They reduce the tendency of cartilage cells to have inflammations and is a good guard against cartilages progressive deterioration.

Studies have revealed that people who took omega 3 supplements compared to people who didn’t take have less arthritis pain. So our advice is to eat as many walnuts, sea food as you can in order to protect you from arthritis pain.

Tart Cherries

Who would have thought that the compound which gives the red color to tart cherries is very effective against arthritis pain? Now everybody can benefit from this red cherries in their struggle with arthritis pain.

This compound also helps slow the pace of the natural deterioration of the body which isn’t bad at all for a small bright cherry. You can eat tart cherries in all the forms you may encounter: canned ones, tablets, frozen, concentrates or freeze dried.

I recommend you stick with the natural food in your fight with the arthritis pain for at least 6 months in order to see some major improvements. If you consider that these 3 types of foods are rather cheap to buy, it’s a very good diet that will improve your health.

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