OU football: Whats going on with Trey Sermon? Why did the Sooner Schooner flip? More in this weeks gameday mailbag (West Virginia) – The Oklahoma Daily

No.5 Oklahoma (7-0, 4-0 Big 12) took care of business Saturday, beating West Virginia (3-4, 1-3 Big 12) 52-14 in Norman. 

After the game, The Daily’s sports editor George Stoia answered all your questions from why the Sooner Schooner flipped to why Trey Sermon isn’t playing to Homecoming royalty. 

@soonerfan432: Moving forward, what game do you think is toughest for the Sooners?

Baylor. It has to be Baylor.

The Bears are legit and Waco is not an easy place to play. Oklahoma will have to slow down Charlie Brewer, who through seven games looks like one of the best quarterbacks in the conference. That should be a fun game, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the two meet again in Arlington come December.

@elizabeth_jantz: Thoughts on a Bishop Kelley and Bishop McGuinness grad HOCO winners?

A great day for private school kids everywhere. Especially happy for two of my good friends, Marc LaManque and Chika Nwanebu. Bishop Kelley is the better school, though. Just sayin’. 

B-K-H-S Bishop Kelley is the best!

@christian785: Was it just me or does Trey Sermon look checked out? Any idea on what’s up with that?

I don’t think Trey Sermon is checked out. I’m sure he’s frustrated, but he’s been at Oklahoma long enough to know he’s going to have another opportunity.

I do think it’s interesting to see what’s happened the last couple weeks. Kennedy Brooks has clearly taken over that No. 1 spot at running back and doesn’t look to give it up. There’s part of me that thinks Riley might be saving Sermon for November when they’re really going to need him. It’ll be interesting to see how it all works out.

But he’s going to have another chance in a big game and he’ll have to capitalize in that moment.

@John_Roy: What is the timeline for Schooner’s return?

Nov. 9, 2019, I would assume. I don’t think the Schooner is going anywhere.

@bsquared1291: Spencer Rattler is redshirting, right?

One would think so. I thought he’d for sure get in the game Saturday, even if he is redshirting. He only has two games left and I’m guessing one of those comes against TCU. The other? I have no clue.

But yes, I think it’s clear after Saturday that Lincoln’s Riley plans to redshirt Rattler.

@TimeToReload: Why did the Sooner Schooner tip over today?

Multiple reasons.

First, the grass was wet. Second, the horses took too sharp of a turn. And third, the cameraman in the back shifted the weight of the wagon.

Mistakes happen, but I don’t think this on the Ruf/Nek. Read more about how it all happened here.

@chase_hodges09: D.D. On the side of Lincoln’s visor any idea what it stands for?

Donnie Duncan, a former OU Athletics Director and Big 12 Administrator. He was one of Riley’s biggest mentors as a young coach and helped advise him when he decided to come to Oklahoma.

Duncan died March 12, 2016. Riley has worn the letters D.D. in every game since.

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