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Despite what you may have seen in late night infomercials, and the jokes about “suffering in silence”, erectile dysfunction is not a natural part of the aging process.

Think of erectile dysfunction as a warning that all things aren’t well in the link between vascular blood flow in the coronary arteries and in the penile system.

Erectile dysfunction is caused by a lack of blood flow to the penis. One of the main culprits for this are high cholesterol levels, both in the coronary arteries and, believe it or not, in the arteries within the penis.

In fact, some experts contend that erectile dysfunction is a predicator to heart disease, and there are compelling numbers to back this claim. An increasing number of men suffer erectile dysfunction and sexual function issues within five years of their first heart attack.

Having said this, you can address erectile dysfunction with preventative measures that reduce erectile dysfunction and improve cardiovascular flow and general health.

Start with a familiar mantra. You’ve heard it said to “use it or lose it.” This applies specifically to the penis and sexual function. Start with Kegels, which exercise the pelvic floor muscles used during sex, and as some experts have noted, reduce erectile dysfunction between 30 to 50%. To perform a Kegel, stop yourself midway through your next urination. Perform this squeezing movement several times a day, for 10 to 20 reps.

Then get your butt into the gym! Resistance training, cardio workouts and recreational sports are all good ways to build muscle and reduce fat, which lower cholesterol and improve blood flow throughout the body and within the penile tissue.

Also consider yoga and pilate exercises. They’re great for boosting flexibility and they both increase blood flow to the penis.

Sleep well. Obstructive sleep apnea (OPA) is a disruption of the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep cycle. It’s during this process that most erections occur during sleep. Lack of REM means fewer erections, and some experts contend that fewer REM-induced erections lead to a decrease in sexual functioning. OPA is a common sleep apnea among men suffering from obesity.

Finally, try a natural male enhancement pill.

All jokes about penis pills aside, it’s a known fact that some herbals and amino acids, including ginkgo biloba, muira pauma and l-arginine are clinically proven to jump-start the male libido and infuse the penis with natural ingredients that boost sexual function and overall sexual health.

One of the stronger pills, VigRX Plus, also has Bioperene, which increases the absorption rate of the ingredients it’s combined with. VigRX Plus is proven to increase sex drive, erection and ejaculation control and actually prolongs orgasms. It’s also an effective way to prevent erectile dysfunction.

And when combined with the preventative measures outlined in this article, VigRX Plus makes great sex possible at any age and produces a larger, harder erection for you and your partner to enjoy.

Steve Burke is a health expert and believes that sex isn’t sex until the neighbors are complaining. Upon suffering from erectile dysfunction in his early 50’s he changed his diet, hit the gym and tried VigRX Plus. Today he’s lean and mean, and as his wife comments, he’s a sex machine.

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