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Being a Physiotherapist who treats back pain for a living I certainly recommend learning Pilates for managing back pain.

Pilates exercises have become the most popular exercise routine for posture, fitness and certainly to control lower back pain. The importance of core stability cannot be emphasized enough for managing back pain.

Why is Pilates so Valuable for Back Pain

Because Pilates exercises strengthen the core and the core holds the back joints stable while we move. Pilates is the best routine for exercising core stability and a strong core is the single most valuable function the body can have to control lower back pain. The core consists of one major muscle, the Transverse Abdominal Muscle. This muscle has fibers that run around all the way around the belly and lower back. It is connected to the ribs and spine in the back and the pelvis and the pubic bone in front. When it is weak the tummy will be loose and have that pot tummy look. When it is weak the lower back joints are not stable and this will cause back pain.

When the Transverse Abdominal muscle is strong the tummy is flat, the waist line is smaller and the lumbar joints are stable. Stability will control movement in the spinal joints therefore keeping the lower back protected from pain. When the lower back is unstable, the way we move doing our daily activities results in micro movements, repetitively. We are resilient enough to tolerate many episodes but eventually the many micro movement’s results in either an increasing pain from niggling to severe or a sudden onset of severe pain with a minor incident. This incident can be as simple as spitting toothpaste out, or leaning over to pick up the salt shaker.

Pilates Must be Learned for Success

Pilate’s exercises for back pain must be taught by a Physiotherapist. I treat so many people who suffer lower back pain and with every patient I teach them how to find, initiate, test and train the deep core muscle. I teach all of this to every person in order for them to learn how to function with a strong core muscle. I believe every person must learn pure Pilates and not just follow a leader in a class every week

Back pain sufferers need to be assessed by a Physiotherapist before they start on a vigorous exercise program. Any exercise program should include training in pure Pilates and if it doesn’t then it is lacking in information. Every exercise should include using the core muscles; they should not be neglected in any person performing any exercise.

To finish up this article I totally recommend Pilates exercises for back pain, but I recommend being assessed by a Physiotherapist and I certainly recommend you learn how to use your deep Transverse Abdominal muscle so you can function with core stability not just use it in a class. This knowledge will give you the best pain control for your lower back you can have.

Annette Willson
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You can have a strong core with a flat tummy and a good posture just by knowing how to train and use your core. This is not a follow the leader program, you will learn for yourself about yourself. Have a look at my website. It will be enlightening.

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