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Reflexology For Lower Back Pain

Reflexology for back pain makes sense and works great. Reflexology is not very well known. It had iis beginnings in ancient China and Egypt. It is based on a very ancient form of therapy, there is evidence of it being performed in China as long ago as 4000 B.C… It is even seen being depicted on the tomb of Ankmahor along with images of surgical procedures.

Reflexology is in its simplest way a common form of natural healing. It bases its basic principles on the fact that there are reflexes along the hands and feet connected to every organ and gland in the body. When there is pressure applied by a reflexologist to these areas it removes the energy that is blocked which, of course, promotes increased circulation to those areas and improves body and muscle functions and circulation.

As it turns out Reflexology for back pain is an extremely effective method of relieving that back pain. When the right amount of pressure is applied the results are truly amazing. If continued to see a specialist for a few weeks the circulation is improved and in most of the cases even optimized.

The way this works is that reflexologist have an acupressure chart which pinpoints areas that are in the feet and hands, normally these charts are used by acupressure. So the chart shows the accupressure points that are in both the feet and hands. It’s extremely helpful in the treatment of back pain, whatever the origin of the pain. The nerve flow to the region causing the pain is vastly improved over the course of several sessions and the same is true of the blood circulation and lymph flows.

The total length of the actual session will last between half an hour and an hour depending on the condition and severity of the patient. The patient remaining fully clothed except for his/her shoes and socks will be laying down comfortably on a table used for massaging and the reflexologist will do there therapy. The reflexologist will use their thumbs, fingers and palms which they will use to massage, manipulate the acupressure points and kneading the area will gently apply pressure to these points.

Reflexology for back pain can be effective because of the deep relaxation felt it’s also very soothing and can reduce stress. So it is especially helpful for those that have back pain that is related to stress.

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