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Relax Your Back Muscles to Ease Pain

Back pain due to muscle strain is a very common discomfort experienced by most women during pregnancy. The expansion in the uterus places a lot of pressure on the back muscles and as a result affects the body balance leading to discomfort. A slight change in the posture, along with some simple exercises at home helps in easing the strain on the muscles while strengthening them for labor.

Some Self-care Strategies To Relax Your Back Muscles

  • Maintain correct posture while standing as well as sitting. Push the buttocks below, pull the shoulders down and then stand erect. In the later stages of pregnancy, avoid pulling your shoulders down as it puts a lot of strain on your lower back. Consult a doctor to get the right posture, so that you do not put the weight of your growing belly on your spine.
  • While sitting or standing, keep changing your position. Avoid standing continuously for a long time.
  • Massage as well as heat therapy helps. A heating pad or a warm soak helps release the strain on the muscles that cause pain. It leads to improved blood circulation as the muscles loosen up.
  • Use pillows generously – under the abdomen as well as between the knees. This helps in keeping the spine straight, reducing the pressure on the back muscles. While sleeping, it is advisable to lie down on the side, especially on your left.
  • Avoid lifting any heavy object. Take special care while lifting light-weight items as well. Do not bend at the waist, instead bend at the knee so that you do not strain the back muscles..
  • Do some moderate exercises such as stretching, walking or swimming. Yoga is a very good pain reliever, especially if you are suffering from muscle pain during pregnancy. It strengthens the muscles that support the back and prepares you for delivery. Moreover, yoga also helps release the accumulated stress in the body.
  • Try to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Empty your bladder frequently so that you help alleviate the pressure. Keep your body in movement to avoid fluid build-up.

A word of caution! Although back pain is common during pregnancy, do not try to be your own doctor. A persisting back problem can be a precursor to other serious conditions such as preterm labor. In addition, be extra watchful if you are running fever or if you have vaginal bleeding along with the back muscle pain.

Get going if you want to avoid back muscle pain during pregnancy. The main back pain causes include hormonal changes as well as weight gain, which lead to stiffness and muscle strain. However, a little bit of caution along with some easy self-care tips can relieve you of pregnancy back pain.

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