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Relief of Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Finding relief from lower back pain during pregnancy can be one of the most frustrating things for expectant mothers. The pain can be very persistent, and will often seem to get worse before it actually gets better. Fortunately, lower back pain during pregnancy is often resolved with some perseverance. Always check with your doctor, however, before trying to solve lower back pain during pregnancy. You want to be certain that the pain is not related to any other problems first.

Once you have been assured that the pain you are experiencing is normal, take a load off. You should not be allowing yourself to overexert anyway, and having lower back pain is only going to complicate things. Get some rest, but continue to get some exercise. Total bed rest will make the lower back pain worse in the long run. Just do not overdo it.

Learn some stress busting techniques. This is very important to both the health of your baby, and your lower back among other things. Learning to cope with the discomfort of being a pregnant woman is a tough thing, and learning some excellent techniques to keep yourself grounded and calm are priceless. The best cure for lower back pain during pregnancy is a calm demeanor. This will allow your muscles to relax and respond to any treatment.

Try a nice, soothing bath. The warmth will ease your muscles, and the bath will take you away from the everyday. This is especially effective if you set the mood as well with candles, lighting and a great book.
Talk to your doctor about massage. Massage is very effective in those lower back pains that are muscular in nature. This is something that you do not want to do if the problem is in the nerves. Always consult with the doctor before beginning a massage therapy.

Finding relief of lower back pain during pregnancy is often a matter of not doing certain things. If you experience pain while vacuuming the floor, for example, do not do it again. Give the job over to the support staff in the household. The same holds true for lifting, pulling, stretching, and any other bodily action that might cause lower back pain during pregnancy.

Always listen to the cues that your body gives you, particularly when you are pregnant. If you ever suspect that your lower back pain is not normal, contact your doctor immediately. It is far better to err on the side of caution when you are pregnant.

Obediah Marsh

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