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Remedies For Back Pain in the Early Stage of Pregnancy

Back pain is a very common phenomenon in the initial stage of pregnancy, which usually subsides by the end of the second trimester. If the pain is continuous, a number of remedies for back pain are easily available, which give relief to the expectant mothers. Backache during this time is primarily due to the various changes that a woman experiences in her body.

Back Pain Can Be Easily Controlled With A Little Bit Of Effort

Backache during pregnancy can be quite an uncomfortable experience and can hamper your daily routine.

1. The easiest and the safest remedy for treating early pregnancy bad back is regular exercise. Pregnant women are generally restricted from taking painkillers, so the best natural remedy is gentle exercising. Some recommended exercises to get relief from back pain are walking, pelvic stretching, short crunches and bending of the knees along with lifting the head while exhaling. Exercising is a superb remedy for back pain and it makes the muscles strong.

2. Incorrect posture is also a reason for early pregnancy back problem. During pregnancy, stand straight with an erect back. Faulty body mechanics including a slouched position can put immense strain on your spinal cord. Try to change your posture as frequently as possible and avoid standing for extended periods.

3. While lying down, use pillows generously for support and maintain a parallel posture of the thighs. While getting up, turn over to one side and gently move on to a sitting position and then get up. While sleeping, lie down on your side especially towards the left.

4. Avoid lifting or carrying heavy objects. Do not carry the baby on one hip, as it puts a lot of pressure on the back resulting in pain. Also, do not wear high heels. Rather, go in for broad and supporting heels. Get comfortable maternity bras to avoid stress on the shoulders and the rib cage.

5. A gentle massage often gives a lot of comfort in a backache as it improves blood circulation. Though it is temporary, but it is a good remedy for a back pain as massage soothes the nerves and relaxes the body. One needs to be especially careful if the cause of the back problem is sciatica, as massage can worsen the condition.

6. Discuss a diet plan with your doctor, so that your weight gain is proportionate to your size and frame. Pregnancy does not give you a license to gain unlimited weight. Excess body weight will naturally put a lot of strain on the back.

Very few women are lucky who do not experience any kind of back problem during their pregnancy. Consult your doctor for the best possible remedy for your back pain and make your pregnancy period the most memorable one, with fond experiences.

Back pain in pregnancy is quite common and can prove to be very disturbing. Who would want to spend nine months in excruciating pain and swelling in the back? Certain precautions and remedies for pregnancy back pain are effective in such a situation. Simple activities such as correct posture and back pain exercises give a lot of relief to pregnant women.

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