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Risks and Complications of Hemorrhoid Surgery

Swollen hemorrhoids are a common condition that affects many people. Your doctor may recommend a hemorrhoid operation. Hemorrhoid surgery is recommended when alternative treatments fail or when hemorrhoids produce severe and prolonged symptoms. The decision whether or not to have this surgery is also your.

Hemorrhoids surgery is very safe and effective. Risks and complications are very rare. Knowing about them will help you detect and treat them early if they happen. Make sure to contact your doctor in case of any new symptoms, such as fever, severe abdominal or rectal pain, weakness, swelling, or infection.

By being informed, you may be able to help your doctor detect complications early. The risks and complications include those related to anesthesia and those related to any type of surgery. Risks related to anesthesia include, but are not limited to, strokes, pneumonia, and blood clots in the legs. These risks will be discussed with you in greater detail by your anesthesiologist.

Blood clots in the legs can occurs. This usually shows up a few days after surgery. It causes the leg to swell and hurt a lot. These blood clots can get dislodged from the legs and go to the lungs, where they will cause shortness of breath, chest pain, and possibly even death. Sometimes the shortness of breath can happen without warning.

It is therefore extremely important to let your doctors know if any of these symptoms occur. Getting out of bed shortly after surgery may help decrease the risk of this complication. Some of the risks are seen in any type of surgery. These include: infection at the skin level; bleeding, either during or after the operation, which may require another operation.

Other risks and complications are related specifically to this surgery. These again are very rare. However, it is important to know about them. Knowing about them will help you detect and treat them early if they happen. Very rarely, the anus could become a little tight, which could make bowel movements more difficult. This is also known as “anal stenosis”.

The operation could also influence bowel control, making it more difficult to start or control bowel movement. These problems are mostly temporary and will improve with time. These complications could occur immediately after the operation or months later. Make sure to contact your doctor in case of any new symptoms.

Most patients go home the same day of the surgery. You can expect some pain in the rectal area. You may also see some bleeding. If the pain or bleeding is severe or if you are unable to urinate, you should let your doctor know. Hemorrhoids could come back. To prevent hemorrhoids from coming back, you should start a fiber-rich diet to avoid constipation.

Dietary supplementation is an attractive addition to the traditional treatment of hemorrhoids with ointments and creams. Use of these supplements help prevent the onset of the disease, while also fighting recurrence of the disorder. Application of HemorrhoidBalm-Rx and oral supplementation with AntiHemorrhoidDrops are two methods able to prevent painful, and expensive surgical treatment for hemorrhoids.

HemorrhoidBalm-Rx is a very potent all natural anti-hemorrhoid remedy. Application delivers an immediate effect to shrink hemorrhoids. This treatment is especially astringent; it safely contracts hemorrhoids and firms secretions. Pain relief and reduction of hemorrhoids is experienced upon application leading to total reversal of the condition.

The astringent properties of HemorrhoidBalm-Rx are highly pronounced and quickly eradicate hemorrhoids, generally within days. It is therefore not surprising that pharmaceutical companies are currently investigating the compounds in this treatment to develop new prescription hemorrhoid treatments.

AntihemorrhoidsDrops is an all natural dietary supplement for the treatment of hemorrhoids. This product enhances venous circulation, strengthens immune parameters and safely acts as a blood decongestant, thereby systemically unraveling twisted rectal veins causing hemorrhoids. It is to be used as needed as a supplement to topical application of HemorrhoidBalm-Rx.

AntihemorrhoidsDrops are a rich source of bioactive compounds with antioxidant properties. They include therapeutic medicinal plants that are active to assist venous circulation as well as assisting the immune terrain of the individual. The extracts in this homeopathic treatment systemically promote venous circulation, which shrinks swollen rectal tissue.

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