back pain

Sam maxwell

Was today just like the day before and the day before that? Did you wake up so stiff it was hard to get out of bed or put on your clothes? Were you so sore that the pain in your lower back was the first thing you thought about and it the now constant reminder as you sit and fidget in your chair looking for just the right spot that will give you some relief? Perhaps the worst of all is that you probably don’t even want to be active with your friends, your kids, or your spouse and it feels like you are missing out on life because of your consistent lower back pain.

If any of the above sounds familiar then you are probably on the quest to make the constant lower back pain stop once and for all. There are generally a few options people consider. The first of which is surgery and as many know is dangerous, expensive, not to mention the long recovery time. The problem with surgery is that with all the cost and time it isn’t guaranteed. The thought of someone cutting on me with no guaranteed results was enough to make me look elsewhere, and a growing number of others are doing the same.

Some have just decided to medicate their pain and pop endless streams of ibuprofen or naproxen. You can get some temporary relief but you are only treating the symptom and not actually addressing the underlying problem. You are essentially prolonging the inevitable need to for change not to mention that all of those pain killers and give you stomach and liver damage and then you could really have problems.

As a previous consistent lower back pain sufferer I found that the secret to making the non stop throbbing and soreness stop was actually a combination of factors. Many have got their life back again by following a few simple rules that just about anyone can follow.

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