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Sciatic Nerve Stretches - Two Insanely Simple Exercises to Ease Your Pain Right Now

Do You know the Sciatic Nerve Stretches that will help you Right Now?

You have no doubt heard of the importance of using sciatica stretches as a daily way to treat your pain. I am sure that you have also heard about the many benefits that this will have on your overall pain relief.

But how is any of that supposed to help you when you are already in pain? What will help you to lose that pain right now?

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Two Fast And Easy Sciatic Nerve Stretches for Instant Pain Relief

Granted. most stretches for lower back pain are designed to be used as a daily routine to keep your pain away, but not all of them are very effective if you are already in pain.

There is a light at the end of this tunnel though, there are a few exercises out there that are designed to give you fast and real relief, even if you are already in pain.

1. A Great Back Stretch

  • lie on your back (legs flat)
  • pull the leg that hurts up towards your stomach
  • take your opposite hand and pull the leg over the “good leg” on the other side
  • this is the important one – Only do this until you feel the stretch. If you try to force the pull, you will cause even more pain.
  • Aim for three stretches

TIP: No matter which exercises you choose for yourself, never go deeper into a stretch than you feel comfortable doing. Otherwise you are likely to hurt yourself or cause yourself more pain.

2. The Standing Stretch

  • Stand straight up with feet at hips width apart (find a distance you are comfortable with, remember, you never want to force your body)
  • Keep your back straight, inhale
  • Exhale and bend at the waist, your goal is to keep a long spine and stay at a bended position that feels comfortable to you.
  • Do this for 20-30 seconds and repeat at least three times, you will likely find that by the third time you are able to go even deeper into the stretch.

These are just a few of the simple sciatic nerve stretches that you can use for fast pain relief.

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