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Sciatica: Treatment Tips That You Can Do at Home

If you have been looking for a relief and treatment of sciatica, you have come to the right place. The pain that you have been experiencing for so long will soon be over. It is such a relief knowing that there are actually treatments for sciatic nerve pain that you can do in the comfort of your home.

There are four suggested tips for sciatica treatment. If you will diligently follow these home remedies, the pain that you have been experiencing right now will come to an end.

Pack of ice – If the nerves are starting to feel pain, get a pack of ice. Place the ice on the inflamed part in an interval of ten minutes for two to three times. Remember to do it within 48 hours. The coldness of the ice will reduce the inflammation of the nerves and will help prevent the pain to get worse.

Muscle stretching – There is a muscle part of your body that is called Piriformis muscle. Part of the Piriformis muscle is the sciatic nerve. You can reduce the pain by stretching your Piriformis muscle.

Keeping balance of your pelvis – One of the great treatments of sciatica is keeping balance of your pelvis. A balanced pelvis will ease out the tension that you are feeling. To know if your pelvis is balanced, lie down on the floor and put your hand under both side of your pelvis. While doing this, try to observe and listen to the pressure of your pelvis. Your pelvis is not balanced if there is more pressure on one side compared to the other side.

Keep moving – To avoid sciatica, you should keep your body moving. Do not sit or stand for a longer time as this will tighten your muscles. If you notice, the pain is worse when you wake up in the morning because you have been sleeping all night. Moving your body slowly and moderately will help ease the pain.

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