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Pregnancy Backache – 6 Useful Tips On How To Prevent It

Pregnancy Backache – 6 Useful Tips On How To Prevent It

How to stop backache during pregnancy can be one of the things that cause what should be a joyous time of your life, to be a burden. Yet, many of the pains that women suffer while they are pregnant are either totally preventable or they can be decreased hugely with very little effort. Below I have given five tips to try and help elevate or totally get rid of backaches and pains during pregnancy.

Tip 1

Wear the correct footwear. Put the high heels away until after the birth. Yes I know this can be heart breaking but you will feel lots better after a couple of days without them, in fact you might decide never to put them on again.

Shop around for the right pair of shoes for yourself. Avoid flat shoes and go for comfort over style. That said, there are many stylish shoes out there that will do the job nicely.

Tip 2

This is a tip I picked up for general back pain, a few years ago. Try to sleep with one or two pillows placed between your legs for support. I got this tip from someone from the Mediterranean and she said that this is how many people in the Mediterranean sleep regularly. And it really can help, I sleep like this regularly now even though I don’t suffer from many back problems, but I think it helps keep them away.

Tip 3

Work on keeping a good stature both while walking and especially while sitting. Make sure you sit in chairs with good back support, particularly for the lower back. If you don’t think the back support is adequate, then put a small pillow behind the lower part of your back. This should help you keep your statue upright.

Tip 4

This is the obvious one. Do not lift heavy objects while pregnant. This might sound obvious but you would not believe the amount of pregnant women that fall prey to this one. Especially when they have other small kids. Remember another child is a heavy object. Also puppies, baking trays and many other everyday things come into this category. So take stock now and reassess everything you do and lift and decide whether it could be classed as a heavy object or not.

Tip 5

Staying physically active and doing exercises like swimming, cycling, yoga, stretches can all help tremendously in keeping your muscles toned and in helping to keep your body strong enough to cope with the extra weight of you’re unborn child. But remember you must now how to exercise safely during pregnancy as doing the wrong type of exercises can do more harm than good. But knowing and doing the right kind of exercises will leave you feeling energized, toned, looking good, and ready to give birth to a beautiful baby.

Tip 6

Lastly, you must make efforts to keep your weight under control during pregnancy. Yes, you will put on a lot of weight during pregnancy, there is two or more of you now after all. But pregnancy is not an excuse to let everything go and eat what you like when you like. What you eat and whether you exercise effectively or not can be a major factor in determining whether you have a healthy and safe pregnancy and regain your pre pregnancy figure soon after birth or whether you struggle through the pregnancy and birth and never to lose those extra pounds afterwards.

Don’t let backache or anything else spoil your pregnancy. If you want to receive more helpful tips on how to enjoy your pregnancy, remain healthy and give birth to a healthy baby, then visit Carla Johnson’s web page at: safe pregnancy

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Pregnancy Backache – 6 Useful Tips On How To Prevent It