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Simple Tips for Back Pain Relief

A chiropractor will tell you that your spinal bones must be in good alignment with normal and proper motion in order to have a healthy spine. However, there are other components beyond properly aligned spinal bones that are critical for reducing back pain and maintaining a healthy spine for the long haul.

The good news is that these other important parts of improving and maintaining a healthy back don’t require going to the doctor and can actually be done on your own at home for free!

When you consider that the vast majority of the people will at some point in their life experience moderate to severe neck or back pain, it only makes sense to take the steps to ensure your back is as healthy as possible now to prevent problems and treatment expense in the future.

Improve Your Posture –By improving your posture you will reduce the strain on your back and neck. Additionally, the improved posture will help the spinal bones stay in their proper alignment.

When the body is in good postural alignment, the bones are handling the weight of the body by in large. When your head and shoulders are too far forward, it is now the muscles that support the weight of the body (in addition to moving the trunk and extremities of the body) which is a lot of additional strain on the muscles.

The first and often most important posture tip I give my chiropractic care patients is to improve the position of their head and hands – that’s right I said ‘hands.’

  • Head Position – Have a friend look at you while you stand normally. There is a high likelihood they will notice that your ears are in front of the top of your shoulder when looking at you from the side. If this is discovered, work on pulling your head back an inch or so.
  • Hand Position – The other area to check as noted above is the position of your hands. Stand up right now and then look down at the position of your hands while you stand normally. If your palms face backward then you are very likely rotated significantly forward at the shoulders. If this is you then work on standing with your palms facing inward towards the side of their respective thigh. This will naturally bring your shoulders back a little and in better postural alignment.

Keep Everything Moving –If you have ever had you neck or back go out to the point where you could barely move it then you no doubt understand the importance of having full motion of your back and neck. Without full motion, completing simple daily tasks like driving and dressing becomes a slow painful undertaking.

Other than a situation where trauma is involved, in most instances losing full motion of any area of your body actually happens slowly over time until one day you just wake with pain and a loss of movement.

The body is basically a big kinetic chain and so as one area unsuspectingly loses some motion, other areas are going to quickly change their motion and behavior in a responsive attempt to compensate and keep the body functioning optimally as a whole.

To prevent this chain of events, that usually leads to pain, from unfolding, make an effort each day to ensure each area of your body has full motion. Achieving this is as simple as stretching all major areas of the body for 20 minutes 2 to 3 days a week. In addition to the stretching, walk, play tennis or do some other activity for 1 hour 2 to 3 days a week.

While your local chiropractor and massage therapist or similar practitioner can effectively keep your muscles and joints loose and lined up, focusing on better posture and maintaining overall good motion will help you accomplish this on your own and likely save you future pain and expense while greatly improving your overall health.

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