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Having trouble sleeping with back pain? Getting a good night sleep is vital for everyone’s health. It is especially important if you have back pain. Unfortunately those of us with an aching back can find the pain interfering with getting a good night sleep. We toss and turn and generally have a restless night, waking up feeling tired and cranky. The solution might be as simple as doing some gentle stretching before bed. Here are some of the best stretches to do before bed. Try these exercises and see if you do not sleep better.

1. Lie on your back on the floor with a small pillow or towel under your head. Now bend your legs and bring them up to your chest. Grab your knees with your hands and gently pull your knees to your chest. Relax and hold for a few minutes.

2. Another version of the first stretch is to roll from side to side as you hold your knees to your chest. You can also try bringing one leg up and holding it to your chest while the other one is keep straight out.

3. Standing upright with your hands at your side bend forward sliding your hands down your legs. Now bend at the knees and continue sliding your hands down as far as comfortable. In this position straighten your legs as you return to a standing posture.

4. Lie on your bed resting your hands on your tummy just below the navel. Breathe through your nose extending your tummy, not your chest. This is called abdominal breathing. Exhale slowly through the mouth. Although this may not seem like a stretch done correctly deep breathing will give a gentle stretch and help relax you and promote deep sleep.

5. Walking, again this may not seem like a stretching exercise but simply taking a short stroll or walk around the house stretches and relaxes the body.

Try these stretches. I have and found them very effective in helping me sleep. What you are trying to achieve here is to simply release tension that has been building up all day. Most of us do not get enough exercise. This is especially true if you have a herniated disc or other back problem. However exercise is the single most important thing you can do to relief back pain. Stretching and exercises loosens tight muscles, stretches tendons, ligaments and nerves and releases stress and tension. Just what the doctor ordered for a good night sleep.

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