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Standing posture

If you are having trouble sleeping at night and suffer from a condition of back pain, if it is the case of aching back pain this can be a very big burden for the individual. The result of this night is to sleep so uncomfortably and then wake up feeling tired and slow. A simple solution to the matter is to try and do various stretches before you go to sleep.

Outlined here are some of the best choices of stretches for you before you get to bed at nights. The first one is to lie on the ground with a pillow under your head, then bring your legs straight up to your chest, use your hands to hold your knee and bring them up to your chest; you should hold this position for a few minutes. There is also another version of this exercise which is done by holding your knee in your chest and then rolling from side to side to feel a relief also you can keep one of your legs straight and bring the other up to your chest and hold it there for a while.

Another tactic is to stand straight and then bend and align your hands with your legs, after that is done bend to your knees and keep on stretching your hand further down to as far as it can reach. When in this particular position you should if you straighten up you will end up back in the correct standing posture.

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