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The most important thing about exercises is that they help you to remain physically fit. By doing exercises you can also get relief from different types of pain. In the present day scenario most people suffer from back pains. This can result due to many factors like sitting in front of the computer for long hours and so on. Going for a proper workout session and doing certain exercises can be the best way to get relief from back pain.

Some useful tips and exercises to get relief from back pain are discussed below:

  • There is a posture that can help you to get immediate relief from back pain. To do this you need to lie down on your back and you should keep pillows under your knees. While keeping the knees and hips bent you need to place the feet in a bit higher position so that you can place your feet on a chair. This will help to take the pressure off from your back and will give you immediate relief from pain.
  • Stretching is one of the basic exercises that you can do to avoid back pain. If you practice stretching on a daily basis you will definitely get positive results. To do this exercise you are not required to devote a lot of time. Doing it for only 15 minutes will be good for your back.
  • Leaning forward while stretching and keeping your neck and head relaxed in the process is another exercise that would help you to get relief from back pain. You should remain in the stretched position for 10 to 20 seconds and then you can let go slowly while pushing yourself upright again.
  • Cat stretch is another exercise that would help you when you experience back pain. For this you will have to go down on your knees and hands and then arch the upper back upwards. In this position, if you try to contract the stomach muscles by dropping your head, the effects will be really good.
  • Lying flat with the legs stretched out and then placing the hands on the left knee and bringing it close to the chest will also give you relief from the back pain. This is one of the easiest exercises apart from the stretching exercise.
  • Whenever you are performing any exercise for your back, make sure you do not bounce as it will be really harmful.

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