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Stop the Severe Back Pain During Pregnancy

First off, it is not uncommon and you are not the only one to suffer from severe back pain during pregnancy, BUT it does not have to mean you have to go on with suffering. There are things you can do to reduce and even stop!

Let’s first understand why you are dealing with this back pain right now. Your body is going through major changes in such a short time. The extra weight of the belly is adding additional strain on your back and if not taken care of, it progresses.

One thing you should know is, that if this pain is not taken care of, the problem can follow you for the rest of your life, and it is not something you want to live with I know. And this is not a small problem as currently ½ of the people living in this world are suffering from some kind of the back pain

Now what can you do to correct the problem? First off, you need to get the extra strain of your back as much as possible. One thing that can aid you during daily tasks is the pregnancy belly belt. You of course need to use it every day, to see the difference, but it does help. 

When you sleep at night, you have to support your back as well. The maternity pillows do miracles with helping to ease the strain your back is taking on. 

What you really need is the list of pregnancy stretching exercises, out of all of them, this will help you a lot. You need to take it slowly at first, BUT, the more you progress with it, the severe back pain during pregnancy you are experiencing right now, will turn into mild back pain and sometimes non existent! 

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