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Stretches for back pain

Many people want to do back stretches for back pain, but, don’t want to, or are not able to, leave the home to go to a studio, gym or fitness centre, because of the pain, the expense or simply because they don’t want to look foolish because they are a beginner. There are many reasons, then, for doing Pilates back stretches at home, to bring back pain relief. The advantage of Pilates back stretches for back pain, is that you don’t need fancy equipment – you can do it all on the mat in the privacy of your own home.

There is another advantage to doing these stretching exercises on the mat, and that is that you don’t have to have bulky equipment, home gyms and the like, taking up a lot of space and also, having to drag them out each time you want to use them. The mere effort of trying to drag heavy equipment around, is enough to put anyone off from doing any exercise to strengthen their back, if they suffer from back pain problems.

There are a variety of DVDs and videos on the market now, that show, step by step, how to do mat workouts in the comfort of your own home. These DVDs can provide all you need for a complete body workout. There is one drawback, and that is how you discipline yourself to doing the stretching exercises each day. That said, there is a huge motivational factor – the back pain itself!! Tell me how back pain is for you? Do you get up in the morning and have to crawl around on all fours, slowly walking your hands up your legs to stand up straight? Have your loved ones come to the end of their patience with your back pain? These can be prime motivating tools to use, to self discipline yourself into why you want to do these stretches every day.

As always, before taking on any form of exercise, talk to your doctor first. That is a “given”.

Remember, you do not have a timetable at home – but you must set aside 30 minutes or so, each day to watch and practise the exercises. With Pilates back stretches for back pain, you have to focus on each element so that you perform them in a natural flowing movement, just like a dancer would. Joseph Pilates created the movements with dancers and gymnasts in mind. You have to learn to control your muscles so that they move together in one harmonious flow, so that all muscles are exercised, and that you do not favour your stronger muscles over the weaker ones, because that sort of imbalance could have caused your back pain in the first place.

Practise slowly, quality is better than quantity. Over time, you will master each stretching exercise and be able to perform them, almost on autopilot because you have conditioned your muscles to move in a correct, co-ordinated way.

Also, mats are a small one-off payment, as are most of the DVDs you can buy, especially for beginners, but the return on your investment can be truly amazing, as you use the back stretches for back pain, to bring lasting relief to your back problem and enjoy life again. You will truly discover that when it comes to stretching to relieve your pain, there is no place for Pilates like home.

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