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Stretches for Sciatica

When you have problems with your sciatica, taking strides to keep your back in good health is key.

I would like to cover some good stretches you can do when Sciatica strikes, and some stretches to do before sciatica returns or shows up in your life for the first time.

One thing you need to keep in mind, when stretching and exercising, is to concentrate on stretches that relieve the tension to the lower back, bu the real relief from sciatica pain comes when you make changes in your life to keep the muscles in your back healthy.

First, if you can, join a Gym. Many gym’s have trainers who will help you with certain exercises for chronic, or random sciatica pain. They will go through a set of exercises with you, and even tell you how many sets and how many times a week you should do the sets.

I know that many individuals today find relief through workout, but, always be safe by checking with a professional health care provider first about your stretching or exercise routine.

Also, sometimes symptoms of sciatica can be something completely different, and can lead to other health problems, and in these cases, health care providers will tell you what you need to do.

So, the best stretch for sciatica muscles are a stretching exercise that you lay on the opposite side of your pain, and very slowly and carefully bring your leg up toward your chin. You want to do this to relieve some of the pain, and stretch that area of your buttock and spine. If you feel more pain, stop and just lay on your side.

Numerous sciatica exercises are to tighten the abdominal muscles and lower back. You want to support your lower back and make it as strong as possible. This is done by abdominal muscles, and keeping them tight and strong. You do not need a six-pack of abs, but you should have enough strength in your abdominal muscles to help your lower back.

Also, a regular regimen of strengthening and stretching on a daily basis can help flare up’s of sciatica be reduced to a minimum or even go away completely. (Wouldn’t that be great?).

I like to say, in the eye of the hurricane, between sciatica attacks, start your ab and lower back exercises, and if your truly sick and tired of sciatica, join a gym then talk to a professional trainer and just tell them you have sciatica and want to stop any possible flare ups!

I want to stress again, and over emphasize that the possibility of a lumbar herniated disc or spinal stenosis could be an underlying problem and your doctor will let you know, so again, always check first before starting any exercise routine!

Another area to cover is lifting weights, or lifting anything in your daily chores. It’s very important for everybody to use correct positioning and posture when lifting, but those who have lower back pains or sciatica need to pay special attention when lifting weights.

Posture is important!

Never lift anything with your back, always use legs and if you are like me, you need to concentrate on this while lifting because I will use my back in a heartbeat, and that tends really to make me uncomfortable when I do.

Preventive care is the key to getting rid of sciatica, and when you have it, ensure you move around, do not sit too long, lay on the opposite side of the pain, on your side, and when your sciatica goes away, ensure you get to work by taking 30 minutes three or four times a week to condition yourself as mentioned above in this article.

Sciatica does not have to be in your life. You probably got it from bad back habits and little exercise for your back and abdominal muscles. See your doctor, start a routine, get to a gym, and fix it. I know you can do it!

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