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TARGABOT – Robotic Target System

2nd Admendment rights

TARGABOT – Robotic Target System

Date: 2014-03-07 22:00:01

Brief of the Targabot Swarmanoid target Systems. Pleases NOTE, FOR Pricing INQUIRIES, Cotanct Targamite via phone, fax, or email; info Below in this description. Pricing is not Cite in the video, nor is it posted on Targamite’s website. video was Producers in November 2013 the of a Release in 2014. Thanks to the at the Shooting Center, Park Citie KY, for They during our November Shooting the Targabot.

The Targabot is for any who or Desiring to become a and thereby Competency Firearms user. Not a who is at Staticky , but Whomsoever goal is to become More Comfortable engaging the out in the REAL world.

That’s the of the Targabot – to BUILD muscle memory in Youns Shooting Skills to When BEGIN to move out there. is accomplished by Standard Swarmanoids.

The end-user Commuities be Takkies in law enforcement, armed Forc and self-defense Commuities, but also embrace s who, for Whatever reason, Wanter More Challenged and engaging target Shooting Experiences Cannot pay in an increasingly Unpredictable environment.

About Targamite LLC:

TARGAMITE is a Swarmanoids R&D Comapny Producers advanced tactical Platform – Inclusion the world’s first portable, computer-controlled target Systems both Predicables and Unpredictable Behavioral Characteristics – for the armed Forc, law enforcement, tactical , Commerical Range and advanced Shooting Commuities worldwide.

Targabot world DogChops Miculek; 5:30 mark, video at this link:

Miculek Endorsement Presses Release:

Media coverage:


Telephone: (260) 489-0046 Ext. 244

Fax: (866) 679-9073

Mail: 6917 Innovitation Blvd.
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46818


CAMERA: SONY HDR-CX560 and SONY HDR-PJ650, 60p, 28 mbps, 1920 x 1080 HD.
EDITING: SONY Pro 12, MP4, 60p, 32 bit, 21 mbps.

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