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The Hidden Truth Behind Lower Left Side Back Pain

You may be one of over thirteen million Americans that have problems with their lower back. Specifically, they have issues with lower left side back pain. Some go to doctors or chiropractors and some simply deal with it. Unfortunately, there are a few issues that may cause this pain that not necessarily be immediately apparent.

The big problems is in the fact that your back pain only occurs on one side of the back. Had it been on both sides of the back, most doctors would be easy to diagnose it as a hernia, muscular problem, a nerve issue, or something along those lines. Since it is only on one side, many people will go visit multiple professionals both in the doctor or through the hospital, and spend a fortune not only on the visits but on the drugs, treatments, and testing. If this sounds like you, you may want to start looking at the problem as if it wasn’t just skin (or muscle) deep.

Normally people associate digestive pains with the front part of their body. However, many people would be surprised to find out that not only are a good portion of your digestive organs located closer to your back than your front, but some professionals estimate that over twenty percent of back pains can be attributed to problems associated with the digestive track and system.

One of the more common problems with digestion is irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS for short. This consists of a sensitivity your bowels, or digestive system, may have to certain foods. This article isn’t about IBS, but typically people know if they have the ailment. They are constantly having digestive problems after they eat and they can’t eat certain foods because of the way they feel. Not only does this occur in the stomach, but in the intestinal area as well, which is what would cause the back pain that you may be feeling.

If you have had a history of them, you know that kidney stones can cause the back pain that you may be experiencing. Unfortunately, the only cure of kidney stones is to simply let the stone pass through the kidney.

Finally, the most common cause of the lower back pain that you may be witnessing is the end result of a blocked colon. A blocked colon is exactly what it sounds like… your digestive system has had a problem processing the waste necessary for proper function of not only the colon but your whole body.

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