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The Main Causes of Pain on Lower Left Side of Back

Pain that develops on the left side of the back is very common and usually it can be eased with simple exercises and treatments. But it is really important to act fast and not wait until the pain becomes worse. Too many people delay the treatment and therefore make the problem much worse and harder to treat. In order to get the right treatment, it is essential to know what causes pain on lower left side of back.

What causes pain on lower left side of back

The lower left back composes of many different structures. The lumbar spine is the part of the spine that relates to that region. It composes of 5 different vertebrae which of course protect the spinal cord. Between each of these vertebras is disc of cartilage, which help to stabilize the vertebrae and help with the movement as well. There are also nerves, that send signals from the muscles to the brain, within the spinal column. Ligaments and muscles also help to support movement and add more stability to the back for movement.

  • Overuse is one of the main causes of pain on lower left side of back. Heavy lifting and wrong exercising very often lead to strained muscles in the lower back. Obesity and poor posture can add even more pressure to the left side of the back. Arthritis is also the cause of back problems for a lot of people. The joints simple become worn and inflamed.
  • Herniated disc is the cause of lower left back pain for people as well. The reason why the pain occurs is, when a part of the herniated discs begins to bulge and slide out into the spinal column. This itself can be very painful but it can also cause a nerve in the spinal column to become pinched, which in turn causes weakness and pain.
  • Another potential cause of pain on lower left side of back is muscle imbalancement. Muscles in your left side may be weak, which causes your right side to become tight an vice-versa. A weak muscle can apply more pressure on the discs causing pain.

The lower back is very complicated and several small problems can cause a really severe problem. The best way to eliminate the pain on lower left side of back, is to do the right exercises that eliminate the causes of the pain.

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