The ‘rise and shine’ meme has become the irresistible siren call of fall –

“Hrrriiiiisee and shii-iinnneee.”

If you have somehow avoided knowing what this refers to, let us introduce you to the siren call of fall.

Be not deterred (it’s hard, we know) by the fact that the person singing these three words is Kylie Jenner, the reality TV star-turned-cosmetics billionaire.

Plenty of others have pressed play and have risen to shine and revel in the glory of this meme.

Jenner’s several seconds of singing is lifted from a video clip she posted on social media giving a tour of her Kylie Cosmetics office.

In the video, Jenner, 22, turns on the light in a playroom to wake up her daughter, Stormi (at the 15:15 mark), who is already alert in her crib. Forget about the camera already being in the room! Just marinade in the dulcet tones.

Remixes duly followed, and celebrities, including known vocal talents Ariana Grande and Clifton’s own “West Side Story” star, Rachel Zegler, offered their own versions of the greeting.

“My anxiety at 3 a.m.,” Zegler, 18, captioned her rendition.

Miley Cyrus shared a “The Voice”-themed Saint Hoax take on Jenner’s memed moment.

Truth be told, “rise and shine” works as a reference to most any occasion and topic. Seasonal depression, for instance.

Some switched out their alarm clocks for Kylie’s greeting. Others forcibly woke up friends, pets and loved ones using the short burst of song.

Saint Hoax also imagined Stormi being quite exasperated by the meme.

That take actually has some basis in fact, since Jenner recently posted a clip of Stormi dancing to a song that samples her memed clip. Stormi, however, demanded to listen to her father, rapper Travis Scott, instead (Jenner and Scott are currently separated).

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