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Thoracic vertebrae

If you need natural treatment for pain in your mid-back muscles, there are a few powerful, but simple, exercises that you can use. First, discover why you need these exercises, especially. Then, learn them and practice them.

Middle-back muscles.
The muscles in your mid-back region work with your thoracic vertebrae and ribs. They provide stability and security for the thoracic spine.

Due to the interconnectedness of the thoracic tissues, they may be less vulnerable to injury. But without movement, you can feel stiff and locked-up.

To prevent tension and pain, the thoracic area needs movement and stimulation.

Dynamic movement.
The middle-back muscles need dynamic movement to stay loose. They need movement in different directions.

You can practice several different exercises, but if they work the muscle fibers in the same direction, then you might not relieve tension or pain.

These 4 exercises are simple, but they are powerful. This combination of exercises will make your mid-back muscles stronger and looser:

1) Flyes, or modified Rows- Hold a pair of medium-sized hand-weights or dumbbells. Lean over, making your torso parallel with the floor. For a reverse flye, raise your arms up to the sides, keeping the elbows just slightly bent throughout the movement. Your goal is to squeeze the muscles between your shoulder blades.

2) Opposition Arm-Leg Raise- This simple floor exercise is to elongate the torso, lengthening your spine. This makes you feel taller. Kneel on a mat first. Raise your right arm and left leg at the same time. Focus on lengthening them as you lift them. Then do the same with the left arm and right leg. Notice that you are using the leg opposite the arm.

3) Rotational Stretches- To loosen up the muscles between your neck and lower back, you need to stretch with a gentle twist. Do these when you take a break from your desk at work, or when you stop for a rest while driving.

4) Cardio- How does this help the mid-back? Cardio, or aerobic exercise, improves blood-flow and loosens joints. It’s as simple as running an errand, or taking a brisk walk. Cardio is critical for all-over health, which carries over to back muscles.

With just these 4 exercises, you can achieve both short-term and long-lasting relief from the muscle pain and tension in your middle-back muscles.

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