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Tilt a whirl

If your back is bothering you, then you might want to look into some lower back stretches to relieve pain. While doing some random stretches every once in awhile might not cure your condition, the right stretching program done on a regular basis can make a difference in loosening up tight muscles and improving your overall state of health.

Does the phrase “no pain – no gain” apply in this situation?

Absolutely not… While this philosophy might work for body builders, gym rats, and physically healthy people, this doesn’t apply for people attempting lower back stretches to relieve pain. You need to find a happy medium and not push your body too far. Doing so could actually cause further strain instead of improving the situation.

So what are the best lower back stretches to relieve pain?

Here is a couple of great stretches that are easy to execute and have been proven to help relieve back pain over time.

#1 – The Chair Flop

To execute this stretch all you do is lean back in your chair, then flop forward at the waist reaching your hands down to your feet. Hold this pose for about 10 to 15 seconds and then slowly return to your normal sitting position. I would suggest doing this stretch a handful of times without going overboard and straining yourself. This is a great one for people working at a desk all day and is very simple to do.

#2 – The Tilt A Whirl

This lower back stretch to relieve pain requires you to lie down on the floor and bend your knees. You will then put your hands and feet flat on the floor for balance and push off, thrusting your buttocks into the air. You will want to repeat this 10 times in a slow fashion.

In closing, doing lower back stretches to relieve pain isn’t an instant fix like downing a couple of pain pills. BUT I’m sure you also don’t want to spend your life constantly popping pills to feel better either. It’s for this reason that you need to incorporate the right stretching program into your daily routine.

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