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It is probably the last activity that you want to do when suffering from back pain, yet by forcing yourself to undertake back stretches can actually reduce the discomfort felt. Stretching involves extending and straightening the limbs to the full length of the body to counteract all the bad habits of poor sitting and standing postures that the body has become used to which contributes to back pain.

It is this sedentary lifestyle that is causing so many physical problems yet the body is supposed to be flexible. When physical demands are placed upon it and the response is inadequate, this is the dangerous time when injury can occur such as torn muscles or trapped nerves resulting in the problems that are associated with back pain. Yet undertaking back stretches is rather easy and can be included in normal activities.

There are easy to follow, simple stretching exercises that can be undertaken for a short time everyday that can be integrated into the daily routine. As an example, stretch downward to pick up something off the floor and then gradually increase the number of times that this is undertaken. You now have a basic stretching exercise that will provide you with greater flexibility. Try a different stretch such as upward to reach for something on a high shelf and again undertake this six times. By doing simple exercises such as this and incorporate them into your daily routine, you will see the benefits of greater flexibility and reduced symptoms such as twinges and pain in the back area.

It is no surprise that as a person becomes older the muscles tighten and the body’s range of movement is restricted, which results in a greater physical challenge to bend down or flexing the body frame. The stark choice available is to succumb to the depressing thought of a reduced movement of the joints or alternatively, by incorporating stretching exercises easily into daily routines maximum body flexibility is maintained, even enhanced. To ensure that this is the case, by undertaken easy to follow back stretch exercise programmes, the person will experience an incredible boost to their flexibility, fitness and general overall wellbeing.

Before someone thinks that this means an hour of sweat inducing exercise, they will be very pleased to learn that a stretching routine should only be for about 10 – 15 minutes. This amount of time provides the body with enough opportunity for an adequate amount of movement and flexing of the muscles. Plus with such programmes, there is no need to warm up as the stretching will do that for you.

So how can stretching bring about back pain relief? With the very motion that is created by stretching, the body’s muscles and joints are being manipulated and strengthened not only to bring welcome relief from the discomfort but also as a great defense against back pain itself. Many back pain sufferers are amazed at the positive results from using back stretch exercises. The benefit of a back stretch programme is that it is easy to follow with step by step routines anyone of any age can follow. They can be undertaken at home, even during daily chores. Consider it a great use of your time?

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