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Trouble Sleeping During Pregnancy? Three Ways to Sleep Better

Due to the pregnancy discomfort most women have a hard time sleeping during pregnancy. It does not matter how far along you are. Some even at just 8 weeks and some a lot later such as 20+ weeks! So here are some things you may want to consider.

First of, if most of your pain is in the lower back and legs. You should consider wearing the pregnancy support belt. It helps carry the baby weight, and relieves the pain of your back. You can even wear it during the night.

If the pain is getting unbearable, you may want to get a prenatal massage. I got mine when my back was very sore, and I just wished I went there a lot sooner. First of, the table is designed for pregnant women, and guess what, you end up lying down on your stomach. But of course there is a hole in your stomach so the baby stays in the right position. What a great feeling to be laying face down again. Second, the actual massage will really reveal the pain, and relax you 100%. If the discomfort continues do couple more of those, and you will feel much better.

Third thing you may want to consider is getting a maternity body pillow. It gets your body in a very comfortable position. You can tuck it under neat your belly and also between your legs. It is however, designed to get your whole body in the comfortable position. And not only will it help with sleep during pregnancy but for many women it helps way past the pregnancy as well.

It would be so nice if we could have the pregnancy with less discomfort! What if we can? Read this free guide [] for the list of of safe scratching exercises that reduce the back pain discomfort as well as many others!

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