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Turn Your Back to Severe Back Pain During Pregnancy

If pregnancy is every woman’s dream come true, severe back pain during pregnancy is a nightmare! As you go through a number of physiological and psychological changes, discomfort in the back is not an uncommon issue. It is said over 50% of women experience this discomfort at some point of time in their pregnancy. The extent of pain varies from individual to individual. Usually it occurs during the last trimester when the weight of the baby is the most.

Turn To Right Habits

Whatever be the cause, back pain during pregnancy can keep you from enjoying yourself if you do not have any other complications. It can also hinder daily activity or sometimes even give you sleepless nights. There are a number of reasons for an aching back when you are expecting. Normally women who have had previous instances with a pain in the spinal region or women who are overweight are more prone to backache.

However, you can relax as there are ways to manage your pain and decrease its intensity. Like, you could do simple exercises that provide support and strength to the back. There are also support belts that you could wear to support your lower abdomen.

There is an increase in the level of hormones in the later stages of pregnancy. These hormones soften the ligaments in the pelvic area and loosen up the joints for the birthing process. This affects the support you normally have for your back. Also, as the size of your uterus and the weight of the fetus increases, the center of gravity shifts. Furthermore, the abdominal muscles expand and weaken causing a strain on your back.

You could also have a sore back because of bad posture. Make it a habit to squat to pick up something rather than bending over. And while sleeping turn to your left side, a pillow under your knee might help. Learn to not give in to stress as this could also help you manage your back pain.

When To Seek Medical Help

While it is not necessary to seek professional help for an occasional backache, occurrence of chronic pain during this time may require medical attention. Sometimes back pain during pregnancy could be a low dull pain or rhythmic cramping pains that might signify a pre-term labor. Although very rare, this pain can also be associated with osteoporosis, vertebral osteoarthritis, or septic arthritis. However pregnancy is all about having a healthy lifestyle and being wise. Listen to your body, relax, take a break and remember that when you will hold your little bundle of happiness, it will be all worth it.

Severe back pain during pregnancy is something that cannot be avoided. However a better understanding of the how and why and what can be done can mentally prepare you when you are faced with one. Visit pregnancy resources for more information.

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