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For the golfer who is looking for a greater swing the method of stretching exercises for the shoulder can help. The main restriction for a golfer is his shoulder and this would be the rotator cuff at the back of the shoulder. With these golf stretching exercises you can reach to the top of your swing with little effort, and in the case of swings the best swing is over your head so the stretches are overhead stretches. There are many different types of stretches that can be done in order to get the correct swing you are looking for.

The rotator cuff muscle is a common place of injury for golfers, as the swing you have to make is very difficult and if the muscles get over worked then that can lead to injury. The rotation of the external back shoulder is a must for almost every golfer. If you have any injury in these places you will not make it to the top of your swing. The other type of stretch in the backswing stretches, and at this stage of the exercises the priority should be the lead shoulder and upper back muscles.

Depending on the level of tightness in the area this will create more tension early in your back swing. If you try to make a back swing very early in the process you will feel the tension in the back of your lead shoulder. And this can be felt very early in the swing before you reach even 80 degrees.

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