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Upper Back Pain Relief – 3 Exercises to Reduce Pain

Many people are forced to suffer with upper back pain. Relief does not have to be in the form of medication or total bed rest. You can exercise and find the relief you are seeking. However, if the pain is persistent you should consult a medical care provider. Also, if the pain is new, due to an injury it is wise for you to visit your doctor to ensure it is completely safe for you to be exercising.

1. For some upper back pain relief, Arm Slides tend to be ideal for fast relief of the pain. To do arm slides you will need to stand flush with a wall. Place your arms against the wall with your palms facing outward (not touching the wall). Begin a series of lifting your arms. You should feel the muscles in your upper back stretch as you repeat the exercise.

2. The next exercise that is highly recommended for upper back pain relief is called Pectoral Stretches. For this you will need to stand in a doorway and grab onto the frame. Slowly lean forward as you gradually tighten the chest muscles. Hold this for about 15 seconds and release the muscles. On average, you should try to do this exercise three to five times before you stop.

3. The final upper back pain relief exercise is also highly recommended by many individuals that suffer from chronic back pain. This exercise is called the Mid Trap exercise. You should lay down on a flat hard surface on your stomach. Put a pillow under your chest between you and the hard surface.

You will need to have your arms at a 90 degree angle from your body. Slowly raise your arms in the direction of your ceiling. You will be attempting to touch your shoulder blades together. This exercise should be repeated about 20 or so times before you discontinue.

These exercises for upper back pain relief are fairly easy to do. However, you should always have the approval of your medical care professional before you begin any pain relief regimen. You might have other health issues or injuries that will limit your ability to safely do these exercises.

Medications for other health issues can also limit your ability to do these exercises. This is why it is vital that you first speak with your doctor before trying anything to relieve you pain.

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