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Upper Back Pain Relief 4 Simple Steps to Relieve Your Back Pain

Upper Back Pain Relief – 4 Simple Steps to Relieve Your Back Pain By Tommy Wayne

Are you seeking for upper back pain relief? Do you want it to happen now and wish that the pain will disappear in a second? Well, it can be. A relief from such pain is possible to achieve, provided that you are going to do your part in performing necessary treatment as advised. Most of all, make sure you are responsible enough to correct the causes of the upper back pain.

Do you hate that upper back pain that seems to control your life these days? Does the pain make yourself unproductive, leaving you sedentary and irritable? True, upper back pain can affect your day to day activities. Usually, when it happens to you, the pain is mostly felt in the bottom part of the neck up to the middle portion of the back, which is why the other term for upper back pain, is “middle back pain”. The pain can make you miserable, such that you will not be able to perform household chores well, such as dish washing, laundry, mapping, gardening, etc. you see, even on simple things are affected with it. Your upper back pain could also be the reason of your missed workdays at the office.

Moreover, how people respond to upper back pain depends on how they perceived the pain and how they treat it. Mostly, the common mistake of people when dealing with the pain is that they consider it as the BEST indication for treatment. Pain is an unclear sign because it doesn’t give you clear definition as where the pain originates, when it will last and how much is the pain. Remember, pain is but a subjective sign, it varies from person to person, so it is not a good basis for treatment. The best way to know how upper back pain is treated, is through knowing its causes. There are a lot of factors what causes upper back pain, and the main causes are

Imbalance of your muscles and joints brought about by improper posture and exhausting daily works and household chores. Weak muscles due to aging and laborious work. As one ages, the spine may undergo a wear and tear stage, thus causing the spine to degenerate and becomes weak. Unused joints due to sedentary lifestyle. The lower back can even caused upper back pain since the spine works as one system, so, when the lower back is twisted or damaged, the upper back is affected anyway. Again, the biggest mistake a person can make in dealing with upper back pain is relying too much of the pain alone as the basis for treatment. It must be noted that the best way to approach a relief for upper back pain is by knowing the causes, and by knowing it, a long and effective relief is possible.

Upper back pain relief…

The different causes mentioned above can be approached with the following:

1) When you suddenly feel the pain on the upper back, give value to REST. When the pain happens when the time you are doing heavy works or sitting and standing for a long period, your body calls for a rest. When you at the home, you can lie down for a while to relax your back muscles. When you are at work, take some time to sit from long standing, and stand from long sitting. Do not overwork your back muscles, as this can cause strain and injury to the back. However, rest must not be done for more than 3 days, because our back may get weak when over rested. Our back needs to be active slightly, enough to strengthen the bone.

2) If the pain is less than 48 hours, hot and cold treatment can be done alternately:

Cold application always comes first than hot. This application can be in a form of ice pack which makes use crushed ice wrapped in a towel. This is then applied directly to the painful area for 15-20 minutes. This works by reducing pain and inflammation.

Hot treatment is done next. Then the pain already subsides, this is then applied to relax the area and increase the flow blood to the area, thus causing wound healing. With the use of hot bottle wrapped in a towel, apply to the injured area for 15-20 minutes.

Application should not exceed for more than 20 minutes as this may cause some bad effects to the body. 3) Anti-inflammatory drugs.

Ibuprofen is the most common anti-inflammatory drug used to relieve swelling and pain on the injured area, because of its lesser side effects. The frequency, duration and dosage of the drug should be advised by your health care provider. 4) Upper back pain exercises

These exercises can correct all those causes mentioned above. When the spine is weak, we can strengthen it. When the spine is immobile because of sedentary lifestyle, we can work it out though exercises. When the spine is out of balance because of improper posture, we can align it and correct those bad postures. All those and more can be covered by upper back pain exercises.

Exercise One: Stand straight. Keep your lower back against the wall with your hands on your sides. Allow your palms to face outwards. Now, those arms on your side must take a slide up and down against the wall for about 15 to 20 counts. This will stretch both your back and arm muscles.

Exercise Two: Sit straight on the floor and stretch your legs in front of you. As you do this, hold your thighs with your hands and lower down your head going towards your chest. Hold in such position as long as you can, and go back to the starting position and repeat 5 times. By doing so, it can help relax the upper back muscles.

Exercise Three: Stand straight and feet apart. Slowly stretch your hands making it parallel to the ground. Slowly turn to your left gently moving your upper body and waist; go back to the starting position and do it again on the other side. You can do this exercise, 10 times. These are great stretches for upper back pain relief.

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