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Being the 2nd most common neurological disorder in the US, back pain affects almost every individual’s life in some way or another. Whether you are an office worker or a house wife, back pain can interfere with your normal life anytime. This can sometimes be highly frustrating for both you and your doctor. As far as the causes are concerned, back pain may result from an internal injury in the bones or muscles, spinal problems, abnormalities in certain abdominal or pelvic organs, issues related to the kidney or ovary, different forms of infections and several other health-related problems. Recent surveys have revealed that about 80-85 percent individuals suffer from back pain at some point in their lives, making it rank as the third most expensive treatment in America.

No matter what causes the pain, getting rid of this awful condition is extremely important to live a normal life. Now, there are a variety of treatment approaches to relieve pain in the back that commonly involve chiropractic, bed-rest, medications, ice or heat therapies, exercises and, lastly, surgery. Experts believe that exercise serves as the most successful approach to speed recovery from back pain and water exercises in particular, are becoming increasingly popular in relieving and relaxing people suffering from the condition. By providing the safest conditions for healing back injuries, water can significantly reduce the stress in the back while supporting the weight of the body.

Pool/water exercises have proved to be an excellent way of strengthening the back muscles without causing additional inflammation or pain. Here are a few back pain exercises that have proved to promote successful recovery in a considerably shorter period.

Warming up before performing any kind of pool exercise is greatly essential as it lets the heart rate and body temperatures adjust to the level required for the exercise. The warm up session normally takes around 5-10 minutes and usually involves performing the planned exercise movements in a slow manner. Remember, there are various forms of pool exercises and no matter which exercise you go for, missing the warm up session can prove to be a big mistake.

You can start your session with a simple pool exercise by standing in water at the mid-chest position. For around two seconds, stand on the tip toes and then return to your original position, which should be followed by standing on the heels for a period as long as 2 seconds. Repeat the two movements twenty times. Then, there’s another simple pool exercise involves standing at a distance of around twelve inches from a side wall, having the toes separated from the wall. Try to adjust in a sitting position with the back leaning against the wall and then return to the previous position. You can even move in a backward direction for reaching the wall. This exercise needs to be repeated at least, ten times. Moreover, you may consider performing an unusual yet effective form of exercise. Stand with your body immersed into the water up to the level of the chest, lean forward in a slight manner and start running for around 5 minutes at minimum.

Some pool exercises use the float belt, which helps in holding your body upright while keeping you from sinking. There’s an effective exercise that requires you to pedal the legs in the pool in a bike-riding manner. You need to bicycle for about five minutes in each of the two directions i.e. backwards and forwards. Furthermore, you can perform another exercise that has proved to be quite effective in building the leg and hip muscles. The exercise basically involves performing around fifteen kicks. All you need to do is keep a leg straight while kicking up the other leg. When performing back pain exercises, working the abdominal muscles is highly recommended. To fulfill this requirement, you may consider a simple exercise that requires you to bring your knees up to the chest and then return to your original position. Performing the exercise ten times can significantly help relieve the pain in the lower back.

Once you’ve performed these exercises, don’t forget to cool down by slow walking within the pool for at least five minutes. Remember, stretching your leg and hips is necessary for readjusting the back muscles to their usual resting positions while preventing additional soreness.

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