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What About Pain From Sciatica During Pregnancy?

About 20% of woman who believe they are suffering from sciatica from the baby pushing on the lower spinal cord area during their latter stages of pregnancy are probably correct. The other 80% are suffering from this pain because they actually have sciatica.

Fortunately not all woman get sciatica conditions when pregnant, but it is a common occurrence in woman who gain a lot of weight during pregnancy. Posture does become a problem, and carrying the baby is obviously the cause for this.

If you are pregnant now, and have sciatica symptoms, you should check with your doctor and see if this is actually the case. A health care professional can easily check and see what is going on with the baby, and your lower back and sciatic nerve area, and in turn, give the proper treatment for the circumstances.

As we speak about sciatica during pregnancy, one way you can relief the compression on your sciatic nerve is by lying on your side, opposite the pain, until it subsides. This is temporary pain relief, and works fine.

Preventive lower back maintenance is very important when referring to health, but for woman, who become pregnant, its even more important. Having a healthy back, and strong lower back will really help carry the baby for your own pain, will cut down any sciatica conditions to almost nil, and if sciatic pain occurs, you can be pretty sure it is because the baby is compression the nerve. Your sciatic nerve is the biggest nerve in your entire body.

A great exercise, during pregnancy, for gnawing pain in the sciatic nerve area is spending time in a pool. Just kicking your legs up and down, gently, in a pool is great exercise. This may also relieve some pain. Walking can relive some pain as well. This may work better in the early stages of pregnancy, but if you do it early, when you are in your later stages, perhaps pound of prevention you would not experience if you had not walked early in your pregnancy.

I believe now a day most woman know not to take any pain medication, aspirin or any anti-inflammatory drug without seeing the doctor. Usually a phone call to the office will get you some quick advice.

Bottom line is always check to see if sciatica is from the baby, or not, by making a doctors appointment. If its the baby compressing the nerve, not much you can do, but try to relieve the pain with certain positions you can do. But if it’s not from the baby, then you have a whole new avenue to go down, check with your doctor, and never take any pain meds without consultation.

Do some simple exercises to relieve the pain, and if you are reading this before your pregnant, take steps now to strengthen your lower back. It will pay off during and after pregnancy, and in your everyday life as well.

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