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Which Stretches Are Bad For You?

Stretching is one of the most popular exercise routines at present. They deal with the flexibility of your body and of course the strength of your muscles. Stretching is best suggested to be done after a good warm up. This is important because it would help you prepare your body for a rigorous activity. It would make your muscles be more accustomed to mobility that if they are targeted during the stretching activity, they would not feel too much pressure and pain anymore.

Doing some stretches is something you can perform even while you are at home and with only a few minutes to spare off your busy schedule. But just recently, stretching has become a subject of criticism even by some health enthusiasts. The talk is mainly centered on whether there is actually what can be called “bad stretches”.

As an exercise in itself, stretching also has its cons. For one, if your muscles are not prepared for the stretch, they have the tendency to get hurt. But as most fitness experts put it, there are really no stretches that you can consider as bad. Sometimes, it is just the idea that there are stretches that a person can do but you cannot. This is because you have a different body make-up and of course endurance for other exercises.

Taking into consideration your body’s physical well-being and the strength of your muscles, you have to consider which stretches may not be recommended for you. One example of this is the stretch that involves your knees and legs. If you have problems with the blood vessels within your legs, you may want to reconsider doing stretches like straight leg matches because they might aggravate your condition. The same is true if you have back pains. You have to refrain from doing stretches that would affect your back directly and then would put you in a compromising situation that can either relieve you of muscle tension or worsen your back condition.

In actuality, it does not matter what kind of stretch you do. Technically, a lot of exercise routines start with basic stretching. But of course, if you already know something is wrong with a specific part of your body then maybe you should avoid doing stretches that would affect it and aggravate it is already uncomfortable state. Always remember to put first the welfare of your body even if it is against another health activity.

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