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There is a lot of buzz about active isolated stretching lately, though many people do not look into it enough to realize this is not traditional stretching as they did in grade school. Rather, this form of lower back pain stretches can ease chronic pain, improve range of motion, and help you to wake up each morning refreshed and without stiffness and pain.

Advocates of active isolated stretching claim it keeps you feeling loose for days, as opposed to the couple of hours relief you might get with traditional stretching, physical therapy or chiropractic treatments. They also enthusiastically recommend the back stretching exercises to people with back pain, saying there are active isolated stretching exercises for all levels of fitness, and different techniques of stretching that ensure safety and help those with chronic pain avoid unnecessary surgical treatments.

Stretching for flexibility is easy to learn with a stretching exercises video. It helps you to learn correct active isolated stretching form and helps teach you a lot about your muscles and skeletal system. Since your muscles support your joints, often certain muscles are used continually throughout the way and constantly contracted for long periods. These muscles need to be stretched out to keep your body in balance and pain away. This is especially important for people who sit at a desk or stand on their feet for long stretches.

Adding a rope to your active isolated stretching routine can make reasonable stretching for increased flexibility easier to do. This form of exercise is taught on many of the good stretching DVD programs available. This type of stretching for lower back pain seems to give people increased energy and many prefer it to yoga exercises, saying that it works better to increase flexibility.

People who attend a stretch class using active isolated stretching report feeling lighter and comfortable afterward. It is often incorporated into dance classes for both children and adults with great results. Instructors report immediate results, with continuing improvement as long as the basic stretching exercises are continued. Luckily, you can simulate a stretch class with a stretching exercises video in your home that will give you more flexibility and good results. These stretching DVD programs are easy to use, and are often geared toward different types of people or different types of activities, with specific stretches aimed directly at the most helpful muscles. The elderly, especially, seem to benefit significantly from the stretches for lower back pain.

The bottom line about Active Isolated Stretching is that it feels good, it works for everyone, and it helps people to remain mobile well into their later years.

Denise Gabbard for David O’Brian.
As an athlete, David suffered from chronic back pain and now helps other back pain sufferers to receive relief using proven back pain exercises that save on expensive treatments. To receive free information for back pain relief visit: Active Isolated Stretching.

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