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Yoga Stretches For Lower Back Flexibility & Pain Relief

Natural way for us to get relief from back pain

Lower Back pains are mainly caused by bad posture and bad sitting at work places. Overweight and heavy strains on back bone are one of the main reasons for lower back pain. Stretching the lower back, which might seem somewhat unusual to some people, normally cures back pain. But doctors also advise the patient of lower back pain to do stretches for the lower back to get rid of their injury or pain.

Warm-up of our body is one of the important factors for us to remember as we start the stretches for lower back pain. Generally exercises that stretch and strengthen the muscles of our abdomen and spine will help us to prevent back injuries. If we have strong abdominal and back muscles it will help us in maintaining a good body posture.

Warming up of muscles of our body with small aerobic acts like brisk walking before any stretching exercise will help us in a great way for the back posture. We should always be in loose clothes while doing any stretching exercises for the lower back as it makes us feel comfortable. We should always stop doing the exercise that causes pain to our back until we are allowed by the doctors or health care provider to do them. We should also always take the assistance of the physical therapist or any health care provider to help us out in making an exercise schedule or program.

It has been advised by health care provider or physical therapist to avoid the following exercises to avoid as they strain the lower back of us:

  • Lying on the ground along our paunch with both legs extended and lifting them together.
  • Doing pull-ups with straight legs
  • Doing hip twists
  • Trying to do hurdle runners stretch
  • Any stretching that demands a fast and bouncy movements

In addition of all the above advice it is also said that we should first and foremost keep our back in a well condition. This all helps us in the back pain stretches to cure the back pain and also helps in avoiding any of the possibilities of future lower back pain. It is always helpful for us to check out our lower back position before we start any rigorous exercises or exercise schedule by the health care provider. Remember to start such exercises slowly and we should not bounce on them at once.

The activities that would prove fruitful in lower back pain stretches are listed below:

  • Walking
  • Bicycling
  • Swimming
  • Strength training on machines
  • Aerobic exercise on machines

The lower back pain exercises are hard nut to crack; hence it should be done with perfect stretching techniques and with assistance of the physical trainer.

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