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Cow Face Pose (Gomukhasana): Directions, Ideas, & Modifications

Stretch Your Shoulders and Hips Simultaneously With Cow Face Pose

Cow face pose (gomukhasana in Sanskrit) is a superb posture that opens the shoulders and stretches the glutes. If this seated pose asks greater than your knees and hips can totally ship, the upper-body portion of the pose continues to be a tremendous stretch that may be practiced anyplace from a scorching bathe (the nice and cozy water helps put together and heat up the deltoids and triceps) to the ready space of an airport, particularly earlier than a protracted flight.

Gomukhasana is a tremendous bodily antidote to how a lot time the backbone spends in fixed flexion, be it hunched over a pc, wanting down at a telephone, or seated behind the wheel.

Whether or not we understand it or not, life is a ahead bend. If you happen to tackle this pose and think about it a every day vitamin on your shoulders, you may create mobility and freedom in your chest and higher again in equal measure.

Cow Face Pose (Gomukhasana): Step-by-Step Directions

Cow Face Pose

  • Begin in tabletop place: Get on all fours, together with your arms instantly beneath your shoulders and your knees instantly beneath your hips.
  • Cross your proper knee over your left knee, and sit your hips again on to the ground, evenly distributing your weight on each butt bones. The edges of your ft or ankles must be on the ground, equidistant to both facet of your pelvis.
  • Attain your left arm out to the facet and internally rotate it so your palm faces behind you, then bend your left elbow and work your left hand up your again with out pulling your left shoulder down decrease than the fitting. Your left fingers ought to level up towards your neck, palm nonetheless going through behind you.
  • Prolong your proper arm towards the ceiling, and maintain your biceps near your ear as you bend your proper elbow and attain down your again towards your left hand. Clasp them if doable.
  • Maintain for a minute, then gently reverse the pose and change sides.

Ideas for Doing Cow Face Pose

  • Don’t fear in case your arms don’t come collectively. “As an alternative, deal with reaching your arms in reverse instructions to activate your higher chest,” says Brent Laffoon, one of many instructors in BODi’s Yoga52. With time and follow, your arms might finally transfer nearer to one another.
  • As soon as within the pose, problem your self to create and keep a degree pelvis each facet to facet and entrance to again. Ideally each side of your waist are evenly lengthy and your shoulders are degree.
  • In case your butt bones are uneven on the ground, sit on a blanket or a block. You are attempting to make an intrinsically asymmetrical pose symmetrical.

Find out how to Make Cow Face Pose Simpler

The traditional pose is sort of difficult by way of stability and flexibility, however there are a number of methods to change it to make the posture accessible for each physique.

  • What makes this pose so difficult is how a lot flexibility is required in each the shoulder girdle and the outer hips concurrently. Contemplate working in your higher and decrease physique individually earlier than doing the complete pose.
  • Use a yoga strap as an arm lengthener. In case your arms don’t contact considerably effortlessly, then toss the strap over one shoulder. As soon as your arms have moved as shut to at least one one other as they will with out forcing it, grasp the strap in every hand and work them towards each other.
  • No strap? No drawback. Laffoon says, “You’ll be able to nonetheless get an excellent stretch and actually really feel the distinction between your lively and passive vary of movement.”

Find out how to Deepen Cow Face Pose

  • Within the traditional pose, the hips aren’t really on the ground. To make cow face extra of a problem by way of stability, convey your ft collectively beneath you and check out balancing in your heels.

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